To dim or not to dim?

August 16th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorised 0 thoughts on “To dim or not to dim?”

Dimming an LED saves you energy (and money) but if you dim a non-LED bulb, it is costing you exactly the same as if you had it switched on full. LEDs are already extremely efficient, so investing in a dimmer can really maximise your energy savings.

Dimmed LEDs produce much less heat than incandescent lights and will retain their color regardless of how low their light output is. As with CFLs, it’s important to use LED bulbs that are specially designed to work with dimmers.

So should you be a dedicated dimmer? Low lighting can enhance the look and feel of the environment – home or commercial premises, it can decrease energy use and extend light bulb longevity. But, if you’re planning to keep the lights down low 24/7, you should opt for low wattage lights instead. Low wattage light bulbs use less energy at full power than dimmed high wattage lights.

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